NOse Offense Odor Neutralizer

I love to burn candles letting the fragrance fill my home.  Sometime
I like floral notes, sometimes I like citrus notes, and sometimes I enjoy a favorite food
scent.  Aromatherapy is good for the soul!

I also have a dog and two cats who
reside with me.  Often times we also have a guest foster dog staying
with us.  This can sometimes lead to a smelly house.  My choice air freshener
is Febreze which is available in several fragrances that kill the odor
causing bacteria in the air and furniture.  It works but can also clash with my
candle fragrances.  So I was thrilled to hear about NOse Offense Odor Neutralizer.

What is it?

It's a patent pending fragrance free spray that immediately eliminates any and all pet odors in your home. 

How does it work?

It combines its molecules with the molecules in pet odors to instantly
neutralize the smells in your home.  It has even been proven
effective in skunk odor removal. 

Is it safe?

This water based product is free of enzymes, alcohol, aerosols, phenol & phenol derivatives, phosphates, and phthalates.  The active ingredient is plant based.  It is a zinc salt, an unsaturated Omega 9
fatty acid that naturally occurs in mature Castor plants (Ricinus communis L.).

It is safe to spray directly onto carpets, drapes, blankets, clothes, rugs, or any water-safe fabrics.  It can also be sprayed directly into litter boxes, cages and pet carriers.

Is it green?

product is biodegradable.  The spray bottle is made from recycled
plastic, the flutes (wavy inner section of carton) are constructed using
100% recycled material and the entire carton is recyclable. The plastic
bags, paper filler and labels used in shipping are biodegradable and
made from 100% recycled paper.

Do we like it?  The answer is yes!  I sprayed a few sprays in each room.  I sprayed the drapes and furniture, even a short spray on individual rugs.  I noticed it worked quickly to remove any odors.  The real test was when I came home from a day at work and walked into my home.  Not only did my house smell fresh, I could actually smell the fragrance wafting from the watermelon candle sitting on my kitchen counter which was unlit.  That says a lot!

NOse Offense Odor Neutralizer can be purchased in two sizes - an 8 oz bottle for $8.99 and a 32 oz refill for $14.99 with a 100% money back guarantee.  This product delivers so I know I am placing an order!  You should too!

We were asked to review this product and received a generous sized bottle to test.  We were not compensated in any way and this is our personal opinion of the