Kirby Does Tricks For Votes

I enter Kirby's picture in contests every now and then because it's fun and easy.  He either wins or he doesn't.  I never do the contests where I have to garner votes.  Until now.  I entered Kirby in the Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants Pet Photo Contest this past Monday.  There are six rounds and the top five in each round qualify for a chance to win a paid weekend trip anywhere they choose.  If Kirby made the top five in his round then he would be one of thirty dogs the judges would choose from for the trip.  I knew that was where he could lose but since I would love to take a trip with Master Kirby I decided to give it a shot.

I actually had high hopes the first day.  What was I thinking?  I have over 500 FaceBook friends and Kirby has over 200 fans so I thought it would be so easy.  I vote for other people's babies, children and pets all the time so I figured they would help in return.  Turns out it is much harder than I ever thought. I have never been a quitter so I will continue to beg ask for votes until the last day which is May 31st but I have learned a lesson.  These contests are not for the faint of heart as they require a lot of work, willpower and pushiness. 

Now that I am through complaining I really need to express my gratitude!  There have been some very supportive family members, friends and fans who have rallied to give Kirby votes.  As of this morning he is in seventh place with 89 votes.  Not too shabby for a little Dorkie from Mississippi!  I don't expect him to make the top five anymore which is a little, ok maybe a lot, disappointing but I can honestly say I am thrilled that he has some loyal fans and friends who love him.  I am also grateful to my family members, fellow workers, friends, and fellow bloggers who have voted for him.  I love you guys!

So in continuing our shameless quest for more votes Kirby agreed to do a few tricks in exchange for your votes.  If you enjoy his tricks then all he asks is that you go to the website and click the LIKE button under his picture.  You can find the link in the upper right hand corner of this blog. (He is on the last page by DATE or the first page  BY POPULARITY).  You can only vote once with your FaceBook account.  Oh, Kirby said to be sure to let you know he is sending wags and kisses to everyone!

Give A Dog A Bone Vote!

I made the cutest little video last night with my Galaxy phone.  Alas, I can't figure out how to upload it here or to YouTube - thanks Blogger!  So we'll go the picture route: down memory lane



TAKE A NAP  (he really does lay on his side)



 He can also do CIRCLE and CATCH but I have no idea how to take a picture of that!