Good Morning Mississippi!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the weekend has begun...It's gonna be another great Spring day! Kirby is enjoying his breakfast alfresco on the deck this morning while I enjoy a cappuccino.

That boy was hungry!  And yes, he is eating at the table.  It's the only way to keep him and Gracie from trying to eat each others food.  This way I know they both get enough.

His belly is full so he's a happy boy!  I didn't know I could love a little dog so much!  He's just kirbelicious!

Our foster girl Gracie and Kirby have been running and playing and soaking up some sun.  Soon we'll have to head to Starkville to take Gracie to the vet school to start her heart worm treatment.  She will have to stay very quiet over the next thirty days while she recuperates so she's going stay with another foster family.  We talked about keeping her in her crate but decided that would be cruel.  I know Kirby will miss her but he is just too rambunctious.  Gracie is such a sweet dog, I hope she has a speedy recovery.  She was pulled from the shelter on the very day she was to be euthanized so at least I know she's safe now and has a chance to find her forever home.  Who could resist those big brown eyes?

Even though I know we are helping a dog when we foster, I find it so depressing when we have to say goodbye. I've noticed a sadness that lingers with Kirby each time too.  We will need some cheering up so maybe a visit to the dog park is just the thing.  Kirbs can play with some new dogs and once he is worn out, we can stop by the Cotton District for a cold one.  A beer for me, ice water for him.

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