Meet & Greet Party

Kirby and I are participating in the “Meet & Greet Party!” sponsored by CatTipper for pet-related blogs! This is a great opportunity to tell you a little bit about us and all of the places you can find us on the internet so here goes...

Hi, my name is Debby.  By day I am a banker.  By night I blog and bake.  There just isn't enough time to get everything done that I want to do!  I've always been creative and I've always had dogs and cats.  No birds since they scare me - anyone seen Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds?

I am fortunate enough to own the most amazing little dog, Kirby (the Dorkie).  He rocks my world!  We just call hm Kirby, Kirbs, boo bear, pooh bear, sweet boy, rug rat, actually he has quite a few nicknames.  The Dorkie part is actually the name of his "breed" which is Dachshund/Yorkie = Dorkie.  I suppose he's what people are calling a designer or hybrid dog although he is CKC registered as they hope to eventually make Dorkies a known breed.  This is a picture of him in his Easter finery!

I fell into blogging quite by accident and have loved it ever since.  I've learned so much and there's so much more to learn.  Kirby has more than 200 Facebook fans and almost 100 Twitter folIowers.  It totally amazes me that anyone would really want to read what I write.  Tell me who can resist this adorkable little dogger?

Have I mentioned that I bake dog cookies!  I am passionate about what Kirby eats - only healthy, human grade dog food.  He became really sick, lethargic and vomiting, from a top brand treat I had been giving him each night.  From then on he was only allowed treats I baked or at least knew what all of the ingredients were.  Hence Kirby's Barkery was born and so far we have been getting rave reviews!  It has been so much fun developing our recipes and packaging.  It has also been a lot of hard work getting them ready to sell with all the regulations and requirements involved.  We now have an online store and we will have our very first booth at Market Street Festival next weekend so I am both excited and terrified!

Kirby and I share our home with two cats.  Kaitlyn, roughly 4 years old, was a rescue I fully intended to find a home for once her wounds had healed.  Guess she was already home!  She was fascinated by Kirby when I brought him home and even though he is now bigger than her, they play together all the time.  Chelsea, 13 years old, was found by my daughter one night in our driveway when she was a kitten.  She is a sweetheart but can be grouchy and has made Kirby cry a time or two.  They do show up now and then on Kirby's blog but mostly they prefer to do their own thing.

We would love for you to join us!  

 Now that we have met it's time to party...