The Calm After The Storm

In Northern Mississippi where we live the sun is shining down froma clear blue sky.  It is anotherpeaceful, beautiful spring day. Yesterday was another matter. Severe storms spawning at least 137 tornadoes, including 66 in Alabamaand 38 in Mississippi, ravaged five Southern states in the early morning hoursof April 27, 2011 and again later in the afternoon.

Alabama was the hardest hit leaving a staggering 131 deaths.  Mississippi reported 32 deaths and Tennesseereported 30 deaths.  Another 12 werekilled in Georgia and 8 in Virginia. These states have many residents living in rural areas forcingauthorities to expect to find more fatalities as the day unfolds.  (Numbers as of 11:28 a.m. Central Time)

The relentless storm system spread destruction from Texas to NewYork leaving dozens of roads flooded or washed out.  The governors of Alabama, Mississippi andGeorgia each issued emergency declarations for parts of their states.  Devastating damage to homes and businesseswas spread over a wide area, the hardest hit being Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home tomore than 83,000 people including the University of Alabama.  Almost one million people in Alabama arecurrently without power and the Governor has activated 2,000 National GuardTroops to help search devastated areas for people still missing.

The Weather Channel said the deadliest known tornado outbreakhappened in 1925 when 747 people were killed in the infamous Tri-Statetornado.  Another 307 people were killedin 1974, 57 people in 2008, 47 people in 1999, 76 people in 1985, and 57 peoplein 1984.

We were fortunate as the violent winds swirled around us.  We only lost electricity for an afternoon andnight.  Only a little inconvenience in atime of such wide spread destruction. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all of the people and animals touchedby these devastating storms: our families, friends, friends of friends, readersand followers.  May God walk beside youthrough the coming days of rebuilding, May God hold you close  in His arms as you say goodbye to loved oneswho have left this world to be with Him. God Speed.