Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday means let the picture speak for itself to allow the viewer to have their own personal interpretation.  I always follow that rule respecting the various reactions people can and do experience.


Except today.  When I came across this amazing news article the pictures demanded that the words remain in order to tell the true story.  These are not photoshopped or staged pictures but an actual unplanned interaction between a dog and a seal...


Wanna play? The dog stumbled across the seal during a game of fetch with his owner on a beach in Fife, Scotland
He put his nose towards the sea mammal for a sniff but was shocked when the fearless seal reached out to his face
Instead of retrieving his ball, the young dog circled his intriguing discovery        
The seal clearly wasn't in the mood for a game and showed him the flipper.  In shock, he left the ball in the water after a few seconds and headed back to the shore.
It was later discovered that a nearby animalsanctuary had recently released a couple of baby seals into the wild.  - Story and pictures by The Daily Mail