A Dashingly Handsome Dogger

Kirby is modeling his dashing collar and tie in his signature color of blue.  Rumor has it this is what all the fashionable doggers will be wearing to Easter Sunrise Services throughout the country.

Truth is there are so many adorable outfits to choose from ...if you have a female dog.  Sometimes I get just a little bit jealous!  Kirby wears some really cute sweaters and hoodies in winter but, because he is so hot natured, I just don't have the heart to force him to wear a shirt.  Next best thing?  A collar and tie. 

This is a collar I removed from a boy's dress shirt.  I measured the length of Kirby's dog collar to find the right neck size.  Then I just hemmed the collar edging where I had cut it off the shirt.  I also removed the cuffs.  Later all I need to do is hem the cut edges and move the buttons to make them small enough for Kirby's legs.  Too cute!  I chose a white shirt to pop against his brown coloring but there are so many colors and patterns to choose from.

You can cut a regular tie to fit by using the large end for big dogs or the smaller end for little dogs.  Just play with it until you get the length and width that looks right on your dog.  (I have a red tie started using the small end)  The finished tie can then be attached to the collar using velcro.  The tie Kirby is wearing is a child's tie with a built in clip for attaching to the collar.  These can all be found at your local thrift store for just a few dollars.  Such an easy, inexpensive way to dress up your dog for any festive event!

Even easier is a tie made to simply slip the collar through and voila!  Instructions for this can be found at Sew Doggie Style.  (This site is awesome for do-it-yourselfers!)  These are so cute I am being forced to start a collection of ties.  I think Kirby needs one with little yellow ducks for rainy days, Nascar (#14) for race day, red hearts for Valentine's Day, oh my it's going to be a large collection!