Kirby's Bark Show - Guest #1

Kirby:  Oh boy, oh boy, I gets to have my very own talk show!  Ok so I told Mama I been seeing all these talk shows where they interviews famous humans and so I wanted to do something like that too.  She said ok so I had to find someone famous so I asked Dexter from Dexter’s Ruff Life.  He lives all the way up North in Canada with his mommie.  He is so funny, I just laughs and laughs.  And he’s got a Fan Page on FaceBook just like me.  Hey mebbe I'm a little famous?  Anyways the first Dextersode I seen was the doggie rap one.  Watch...

Kirby:  Dexter, I gots to ask some questions peoples want to know!  Like when did you know you wanted to be a doggie actor?  Did it just happen or did you has a plan?

Dexter:  well, my mommy taught me to use da internets a few years ago and I liked to watch all de LOLcats and funny dog videos.  But after a while I noticed dat most of dems are da same…cat sleeping in something that he is way to big to fit into or jumping into a wall attempting to chase a laser beam.  Or a dog barking “I love you” or “playing” the piano and singing…but there were never any videos showing da true thoughts of us pups.  We gots some big thoughts in des tiny little brains, you know!

Kirby: I know!  I has to tell my humans stuff all the time!  Hey, when did you know you was famous?  Did your Mommy tell you?  Did you ask for more treats and toys?  Does you still keep the floors clean of any crumbs?

Dexter: my goal is to be more famous dan Lassie.  I is not anywhere close to dat goal.  I has a small following of very loyal fans dat I am very appreciative of, but so far I hasen’t been recognized at the dog park or anything.

Kirby: Does you get special stuff now that you’re famous?  What’s your bestest toy?  (Mama, go hide my toys)  What’s your tastiest treat?  Hey, did you know my Mama bakes the yummiest treats I ever ate?  She says they're healthy for me but I just thinks they taste good.  I’m chief taste tester for Kirby’s Barkery so I has a important job too!

Dexter:  I get some fun stuff!  I tink my favourite ting I has gotten so far is a personalized harness from Gangs of New Yorkie.  it’s really cool.  I did not know your mommy baked treats!  You is a lucky pup!!!

Kirby:  I is a very lucky pup and I knows it! So anyways what does you do when you not working?  Do you hasta wear sunglasses and stuff like that when you goes for a walk so people don’t recognize you and start hounding you for your pawtograph?

Dexter: no one has recognized me yet, but I am sure I will have to start riding in a limo wif body guards soon.  I do lots of tings in my spare time…chase squirrels in da back yard, hump my piggie, play ball and shop online.  You know, regular dog tings. 

Kirby:  I likes shopping online too but Mama keeps changing her dang password.  But its ok cos I always figure it out.  Oh yea, the girls is wantin me to ask if you has a girlfriend?  I think they thinks you’re cute.  You could be the doggie Justin Biever!  How old is you anyway?

Dexter:  I has had a long distance relationship with a champion pup for a few years now.  Her name is Friday (My Gal Friday) and it’s been a tough holywood type relationship full of baby daddies,  show rings and fame, but it’s all worth it in the end.  Glad you liked my Terrier Rap!  You should also check out my new video The Great Yorkie Bark-Off.  I is 3 and a half.

Kirby:  The Bark-off was so cool!  You is the top motherpuppy!  I has lots to learn from you Dexter!  So anyways what’s your favorite movie you’ve done so far?  Any you wish would disappears?  I laughed at the one where your Mommy found the poopy!  The snow one was really funny!  Don’t you has a coat?  Mebbe your mommy should get you some boots!  I hates my boots!  Look here's the snow one...

Dexter: my favourite video is my Jingle Dog Rock video.  I know it’s a Christmas video, but I watch it all da times.  Poor santa.  I am also very proud of da Great Yorkie Bark-Off mentioned above.  I worked with a great team.  Edie & Frankie from Will My Dog Hate Me and Luciana and Steve from Gangs of New Yorkie were a lot of fun to work wif!  I hope to do more fun stuffs wif dem in da future.  I don’t like boots.  I has some ducky slippers but I growl at mommy when she puts dem on me.  I only wear dem on my front paws.

Kirby:  I don’t know Steve but he seems cool.  I thinks he has a drinking problem.  And I thinks he's some kinda dogfather or something.  Anyways I really like your water one too cos I love goin swimming and playin in the water.  I gots a kiddie pool but the lake is funner.  Mama says I stick my head in the water like a duck just like you.  

Dexter:  yeah, I love da water.  Unless I is having a bath.  Den I hates da water.

Kirby:  Yea, I has ta have a bath every week.  So you got new stuff comin up?  Mebbe you could do one of them action movies next? 

Dexter: I gots lots of great ideas for upcoming videos!  I will have my easter video coming out in the next couple weeks and also have guest doggy appearances coming up wif my new cousin dat my auntie just adopted.  I is also going to be launching my website soon so keep checking back to my facebook page for updates on dat!  Der will be tons of DRL info and news, along wif information on helping to stop puppymills, links to our fav Dog people and also a store where you can buy one of my mommies custom pop art pet paintings or handmade dog jewellery!  Der is lots of fun in store on Dexter’s Ruff Life!

Kirby:  I betcha my Mama will want to buy a painting of me so I’ll tell her.  She’s always saying she thinks I’m really cute. Oh boy oh boy, Dexter brought us a funny Dextersode we can watch right now.  Mama baked some of them yummy Peanut Butter Paws to eat while we watch so dim the lights!  Hey Dexter, can I has your pawtograph?

Dexter: you can has my pawtograph!  I just need to figure out how to write first… ;-)  

Kirby:  Dexter, you is one cool dude!  And thanks for comin by so's I could barks about you!  Hey Mama I thinks I did pretty good.  Can I interviews Air Bud? or mebbe Beethoven?  Does anybody know Boo or Beast?  Rut row, mebbe I needs one of them talent agencies to books my stuff?

Check back for future shows with exciting guests!