Facebook Is Going To The Dogs

I am amazed at the ever growing number of Pages and Profiles people have created for their furry companions on Facebook.  Even Kirby has his own Page.  It's fun and a great way to connect with other dog (& cat) lovers.  Who knows, maybe one day he will be a famous Facebook dog!  Until that day arrives I thought I would introduce a few really famous dogs.  You are probably already a fan of them and if not, then you should be.

So far the most famous Facebook dog is Boo, a Pomeranian who has a following of 1,047,964 fans.  He doesn't really do anything except look so adorable with a lot of attitude.  He has been featured on tv, in magazines, and various websites.

Not far behind is Beast, a beautiful Puli who was recently purchased by Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of FaceBook.  Ahh, the life he's gonna have!  To date Beast has a following of 96,888 fans.  He just may take over Boo's top dog status in the very near future!  His charm is his uber puppiness, not to mention his "Who's Your Daddy?" status.  His greatest achievement to date?  Pooping on Daddy's white rug!

Another not quite as famous Facebook dog who is definitely on his way to fame and fortune is Dexter from Dexter's Ruff Life.  This little guy has a sassy attitude and some of the funniest YouTube videos ever.  Dexter is a rising star with 678 followers on Facebook and 590 subscribers to his YouTube Channel.

Getting to the point of my story is that a few weeks ago I was watching Ellen and Kirby said he wanted to do an interview just like she does.  I flippantly told him to give it a shot.  Surprisingly he later reported that he had made phone calls, sent emails and texts to Boo's people and to Beast's people with not one answer back.  Finally he excitedly informed me that he had gotten an email from Dexter's mom telling him that Dexter would love to be interviewed by him.  I swear Kirby did a little happy dance!

So please mark your calendars for Monday April 18, 2011 when you will get to see that interview right here on Kirby's blog! I have to admit he did a pretty good job even if I am a tad biased!

Meanwhile it's time to join the Saturday Pet Blog Hop.  You can add your blog to the Linky List or just follow along.  Happy Hopping!

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