Sunday Smiles

Most days are good days.  Every now and then I have a bad day.  You know those days when everything is going wrong and you just want the day to be over.  Or those days when that little negative voice starts telling you that you can't do it, it's more than you are capable of, you're such a failure.  Sometimes it's hard to not listen.

Sometimes I even question my purpose on this earth.  I have dreams and hopes that always seem to be just beyond my reach yet I do have a good life.  I'm an ordinary person with an ordinary dog yet I feel as though I'm training Kirby for something although I'm not sure what.  He's so good with children so should he be a therapy dog?  Kinda hard when there isn't a program like that here.  He's learning rally and agility but that isn't beneficial to others.  Maybe his purpose is to be a therapy dog for our fosters.  He is very good at teaching them to play and behave which prepares them for their forever homes.  Then again there are those days I want to disappear forever so maybe he's my therapy dog whose job is to get me through this life one day at a time.  

It's usually when I'm down that I will come across something as inspiring as this video and my heart sings again.  God is good in His infinite ways!

Did your heart just sing?