The Stylish Blogger Award

A blogger blogs for recognition.  The gratification comes when we realize someone is listening.   Our words are beginning to mean something to someone.  We have been discovered.  We are liked.

A whole new level is reached when we are recognized by our peers.  In our case, fellow bloggers who blog about dogs.  Reading their blogs we get a glimpse into their daily lives and the sweet creatures that fill up their lives with such joy and purpose.

Kirby and I reached that level of honor by receiving the Stylish Blogger Award, our very first award from our peers, fellow blogger Angel Carlson who blogs Life With Lulu and Wally Too.  Then while I was writing this post we received the award again, this time from C.J. who blogs And All That Jaz.  Wow!  

So without further ado here is our acceptance speech straight from our living room all dressed up in our fave pj’s:

 “Thank you for noticing us!  Thank you for liking us!  Thank you for following us!  We are truly honored!” 

Kirby wants to add, "Woofie, I wuvs it!"

The rules for accepting the award are to thank the person (or pups!) who gave you the award, share 7 things about yourself, link to 15 recently discovered bloggers, and contact them to tell them about the award.

So here are 7 pieces of me…

1.  I work full time for a small bank specializing in commercial loans, InHouse Mortgages, and HELOCS.  It can be exhausting but very challenging.  Basically my life has become banking, blogging and baking.  Poor Kirbs has to patiently wait for my return roughly 9 hours five days a week.

2.  Amazingly my best friend also happens to be my ex-husband, Doug.  Yes, I know we are twisted but just because we can’t live under the same roof doesn’t mean we can’t love each other.  We have two grown children and a beautiful granddaughter.  He adores Kirby and is the one who would take him if something should ever happen to me.

3.  My dad, a Civil Engineer, was also a gourmet chef.  He could cook anything!  Today his Kitchenaid Mixer sits on my counter.  Every time I make a batch of dog treats I feel as if he is in my kitchen guiding me.  I think he would be tickled that the daughter who rarely cooks is on her way to becoming a gourmet “doggie” chef!

4.  I’ve always been a bit artistic.  I enjoy creating something new and have tried different crafts over the years.  Quite a few years ago I had a book of poetry published locally.  It was exciting but so very scary letting strangers see a part of my soul.  Now I’m doing it again with a blog!  Once again strangers are getting glimpses of me.  Still scary!

5.  Then there is Kirbs who is the biggest part of me, my heart.  He makes me smile with his loveable nature and he makes me laugh with his silly dogger antics.  He gets me through those dark moments giving me a purpose bigger than myself.  He is so much more than just a dog, he has become my child, my sidekick, a major force in my life.

6.  It’s strange to say but this little dog is everything I’m not.  He’s always happy.  He’s fearless.  He’s ever ready to try something new.  Whenever he is frightened, it only takes a minute for him to get his courage up to investigate and overcome his fear.  I’m the one training him and yet I find ultimately he is my teacher.

7.  My blog, my dog treats, it’s all because of Kirby.  He is the inspiration behind all of it.  He’s the best little dog ever!  What’s that saying, “love me, love my dog”.  Maybe it’s “love my dog, love me”.  I know the following adjectives describing my dog are all positive but there just aren’t any bad ones to list.  He really is the perfect dog!  So let me just say Kirby is sweet, loving, snuggly, friendly, happy, brave, inquisitive, smart, silly, playful, dorky.  Did I forget anything?  Oh yeah, we both love ice cream!

Wow, that was worse than taking a test!  Now the easy part.  I have to choose the 15 recently discovered bloggers I consider to be stylish.  I’m choosing the ones who inspire me.  Some center around their dogs, some spotlight dog products, above all, they are interesting.  These are the blogs I visit on a regular basis so I hope you’ll take a moment and visit them too.  You won’t be disappointed! 

  1. Doggie Stylish
  2. Doggie Dessert Chef
  3. Barkzilla
  4. Sew DoggieStyle
  5. According to Gus
  6. Life With Lulu and Wally Too
  7. And All That Jaz
  8. Pretty Fluffy
  9. Phetched
  10. Just Jesse
  11. To Dog With Love
  12. Puplove
  13. Oscar the Pooch
  14. Opie's Mom's Blog
  15. Welcome to Kirby's World

        Again, thank you so very much!!  Now I need to go notify some pawsome winners...