A Royal Wedding Unfolds

Americans have always had a fascination with British royalty.  Maybe it’s because we don’t have royal families in the United States unless you count the Kennedy family of bygone years.  Maybe it’s because our country was formed from the early settlers who once lived in England.  Maybe it’s the myths like King Arthur and Sir Galahad. 

I was drawn to the royal family when Diana Spencer came into the picture.  I remember watching the wedding of Lady Diana to Prince Charles on television on July 29, 1981.  It was amazing, a Cinderella story where the common girl got the prince.  Over the years I watched this shy, young girl blossom into a compassionate, fearless woman.  I watched her struggle with personal demons and I watched her become Princess of the People.  I watched her raising her two young sons and I watched her marriage fall apart.  I watched her begin a new life away from the royal family.

She lived in another country an ocean away and yet I had access to her every move, every heartache, and every joy.  The more famous she became, the more she was dogged by paparazzi.  On August 31, 1997 in Paris, France her life ended because of one last fatal interaction with the paparazzi.  I cried as the news unfolded.  She had become a role model for me and she was forever gone.

After this horrific event Britain made laws to shield and protect the royal family from such intrusions.  So over the years we have had only glimpses of her sons, William and Harry.  Everything settled down as we all went about our lives. 

Then on November 16, 2010 it was announced that William, the future king of England, had proposed to the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton.  Knowing the paparazzi frenzy could begin again a very clever idea evolved.  A way to let the world know every juicy detail of the wedding plans while at the same time keeping the young couple safe.

The official Royal Wedding website http://www.officialroyalwedding2011.org/ celebrating the marriage of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton was officially launched March 2, 2011 by St. James’s Palace.

The website will bring together all of the official social media around the event, including the Clarence House and Buckingham Palace Flickr account, Twitter , The Royal Channel on YouTube and the British Monarchy Facebook page, providing direct easy access to all channels of communication. Subject to further planning work, the website may feature a live web stream broadcast of the wedding itself.

This website will post wedding details as they happen with the exception of the future queen’s wedding dress which won’t be revealed until the day of the wedding. 

Let me just say I had no idea the Royal Family was so up to date!  Flickr, YouTube, FaceBook!   I'm impressed.  The website is very tastefully done with exclusive information, photo galleries, and videos.  I know I’ll be checking in for the latest news leading up to the wedding on Friday, April 29, 2011.  I want to see the wedding cake, the decorations, the invitations, and of course the dress!  I want to see the locations and the music chosen.  I want to know what dignitaries and celebrities are on the guest list.  I want to see the wedding itself.  Most of all, I want to see Diana’s son happy with the new Princess of the People.  I’m sure Diana will be watching with great joy and anticipation.

I realize this is not a post about dogs but I just had to write it.  Anyway in my defense the Queen does raise Corgis and it is possible fashionable Kate could one day be sporting an adorkable little doggie on her arm!  Might I suggest a Dorkie?  What's your choice of dogger for the royal couple?