Agility Training - Week 3

This was week 3 of Kirby's agility class.  It went well.  It was hot and we were working in the direct sun so we had to stop and take several rests.  At one point he was so hot I literally hosed him down with water which he enjoyed. 

The first excercise we worked on were the tunnels.  He had no problem with them so we added words this time.  "Go" along with pointing would send him right through the tunnels.  A new twist this time was with the shooter.  A jump was placed a few feet in front of the opening.  Still it was easy.  "Go" toward the jump, "jump" to go over the jump, and "go" to run through the shooter.   We practiced this a few times with no problems so we moved on to the the Teeter (what I was calling the see saw).  Again, very easy for him.

A few walks across the dog walk and he was ready for the jumps.

I jump!

and I jump!

and I jump!

Of course he found the ONLY shady spot and visited it regularly!

Every dog was working and learning.

And finally, playtime with his buddies!

When it was time to go, he jumped right into the backseat of the truck.  He was one tired dogger!

so sleepy...
Sweet little Kirby.  It was a good day.  His reward?  Doug cooked him a steak later that night.  Kirby was very thankful.

It was hard to work with him and take pictures and videos so here are two we made the next day in our backyard.  This one shows his jump in motion....

This one is Kirby practicing his eights...

That bar is only 4 inches high.  He will eventually have to jump 8 inches!  I'm not sure agility is Kirby's sport but it's a lot of fun and another good way to bond with your dog.  Have you tried agility yet?