Sunday Smiles

As everyone knows by now Japan is in a crisis.  Many people are homeless or missing.  Donations and help are coming to the people of Japan from throughout the world as they start the long journey to rebuild their country.

Let's not forget their loyal, loving companions who are lost and trying to find their beloved masters amid the devastation and ruins.  Dogs who may be injured, or hungry, or simply afraid.  Did you know many of the Japanese people had the foresight to attach little bags to their dogs collars with money inside in the event their dog was lost so that whoever found them would use the money to feed the dog?

World Vets is on the ground now seeking to feed and reunite every dog with its family.  If just one of these videos makes you smile then lend a paw to help by chipping in using the Chip-In Box located at the top left side of this blog.  You'll be bringing a smile to someone who is waiting to be reunited with their missing furiend.