Dinner For Two

It's been a hell of a day at the bank!  So what's a single girl to do for dinner?  No energy to cook.  Don't really feel like spending money on take-out.  Mmmm, summer is coming and that means shorts.  Time to start watching what I eat? Again?

So, here's the single girl's guide for an easy, healthy dinner.  Fresh veggies and a glass of wine...

Start with baby spinach leaves

Throw on some radishes

Toss on some diced butternut squash and chopped mushrooms

Top with chunks of cherry tomatoes and real bacon bits

Lastly, lots of crumbly Gorgonzola cheese

Grab your favorite dressing and a glass of wine

Bon Appetit!

Oh and Kirby?  Honest Kitchen Verve with shredded steak mixed in

Not too shabby for a dog!

Bone Appetit!

Note:  Kirby loves his veggies so I ended up sharing my salad with him.  How can I say no to those eyes?  He loves carrots (I keep some baby carrots in the fridge just for him), tomatoes, and green peas.  He even likes lettuce.  Tonight I discovered he likes butternut squash too.  (Mushrooms can be toxic for dogs so those weren't offered).