Agility Training - Week 4

We didn't have class this past Saturday due to rain, rain, and more rain!  We were ok with this since we had decided that agility wasn't Kirby's thing to do.  It just seemed like it was a lot of work he was doing just to please us.  He didn't seem very happy at the class.  However, not being quitters, we decided to finish the classes.

When we got to class I told Kim, our trainer, how Kirby felt.  Instead of agreeing with me she decided to set me straight.  Apparently I was the one treating the class like a job and taking all the fun out of it for Kirby.  She told me to make it fun and then he would think it was fun.  So that is exactly what we did.  We made it a game and he got really excited.  He became a bundle of energy.  Even when he got hot I simply hosed him down and he was ready to play some more.  Thank you Kim!

I handed over the camera to Doug hoping he would get some decent pictures.  Wow, did he ever!  From now on he's our camera man!  He caught Kirbs on film not once, but twice, in midair. 

We worked  played on the jumps, the teeter, and the tunnels.  He jumped, trotted, and ran almost the entire class.  We were having trouble getting him to run through the tunnel until Kim pointed out that he is very dependent on me and focuses on where I am.  He knew I was stopping at the tunnel while telling him to run through.  Once I started telling him to go and kept moving along the side of the tunnel, he would run all the way through the tunnel.  

As I said he was a bundle of energy.  Whenever I took him to some shade he didn't want to lay down and rest.  He even enjoyed a game of chase with his little friend, Heaven. 

At the end of class each dog had a turn running through the obstacle course in a specific order.  Kirby wasn't fast but he did really well!  We are beginning to use some words and pointing at where we want them to go.  He stayed focused on me and even made it through the shooter (collapsed tunnel) on the first try.  We are very proud of our boy!

Eventually the class came to an end.  Kirbs declared he was hot and thirsty!  We gave him more water (we have discovered he likes ice cold water) and decided we would very much enjoy an ice cold beer.  So we said our goodbyes and headed to the Cotton District. 

The Cotton District is located in the older section of downtown Starkville, Mississippi.  It has been renovated over the years with new buildings made to look old.  It has a New Orlean's French Quarter flair which I love.  There are several pubs, restauraunts, and small shops mixed in with many houses which have been converted to apartments.  The majority of the residents are college students.  It's a great area filled with dog lovers!  In fact, the only dog park in Starkville is located just a few blocks from here.

Today we chose to go to Bin 612 which has both an inner courtyard and a large patio facing the street.

These are small pubs situated across the street.  The pubs are on the bottom floors with apartments on the upper floors.  There are also little shops including a delightful coffee shop.

The Bin 612 menu carries beers, wines, pizza, sandwiches, and even full course steak dinners.  We relaxed and had a few beers as we decided what we wanted to eat.  Eventually we ordered the Zorba Pizza, one of their signature pizzas smothered in a tomato sauce with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, cheese and crumbled bacon.  Yum!

They have a lovely shaded patio with a metal fence enclosure so Kirbs could enjoy people watching.  He freaks out when he sees someone on a bicycle but otherwise wants to tell everyone hello.  He was a welcomed guest in the patio area, along with a beautiful weimaraner and a tiny chihuahua, and was treated to his very own bowl of water with ice and a plate for some pizza.  He had definitely worked up an appetite!

We tried to get Kirby to sit in a chair for a picture but he refused to cooperate!  He was having way too much fun people watching!

We heart the Cotton District and will be back!