Paws For Japan

By now everyone knows about the disaster that recently devastated the country of Japan.  Many forms of aid are coming from numerous countries to help the human survivors.  Now efforts are coming together to help the animals in need of rescue.  Alone, we can't do very much but together we can move mountains.

Checking on some of my favorite blogs this evening I came across the following post at Pawcurious and knew this was a small way I could help.  I've chipped in my donation, will you?

Dr. V of Pawcurious explains what can be done, who can do it, and how we can help.  She has a video showing two dogs waiting amongst the rubble.  One looks exhausted while the other paces staying close to his companion.  A fact she mentions that really touched me was what she read on Facebook where rescue teams are finding lots of animals with collars with small ziploc bags containing money so anyone finding these pets can provide food and shelter for them.

With so many deaths many pets will never be reunited with their beloved humans.  We need to step up to the plate now to honor the wishes of the deceased.  If you have a blog please join in this cause.  If you're just dropping by please consider chipping in!  Look for the Chip In widget at the top left side of this blog.  Of course prayers for the people and animals of Japan are welcome too!