Kirby Barks About Being A Cartoon

Rut Row!  Do you see what Mama has done did to me?  She made me into a cartoony dog on our banner!  Well she didn't, but she got somebody else to make me into a cartoony dog.  Some girl who's name is Lili Chin.  Well mebbe her doggie drawings are really good and mebbe she did make me look really cute.  Hey I am really cute, I mean, my cartoony me is really cute!  Heck I'm really cute too!  Aren't I Mama?  You think I'm really cute, right?  Whew, she still thinks I'm really cute.

But what if my cartoony me gets famous or somethin!  Then I'ld havta wear sunglasses all the time.  And I'ld have to get disguises too.  Does dogs wear wigs?  And then who's gonna know who the real Kirby is?  Some peoples might think my cartoony me is really me instead of me being the real me.  What if I thinks he's the real me and I forgets I'm the real me?  Boy, this is gettin really confusing!

Oh woof!  Now that I thinks about it, mebbe the cartoony me can has all them baths instead of me?  And mebbe the cartoony me can has his teeth brushed instead of me?  And iffen I gets in trouble I can just tell Mama I didn't do it, the cartoony me musta done it!  Hey, mebbe this could work!

Rut row!  What if the cartoony me gets my dinners and my treats and my toys?  What if the cartoony me gets to go for rides in the car?  Grrrr!  I'm gonna have to keep an eye on that cartoony me!  He better watch out cos I'm watching him, I mean me, I mean him, oh boy, I don't knows what I mean!

Mama, I wuvs you but what has you done?

Kirbs, don't be so dramatic.  It's just a cartoon image of you.  It can't eat your food, or your treats, or even play with your toys.  And yes sir,  you still have to have baths and get your teeth brushed.  Just try to remember that you are the real dog!

Woofie, Woof!  I has my very own logo!  So what do you think?  Do you like my cartoony me?