Could You Save Your Dog?

The following video which was posted on YouTube this week has spread virally across the internet.  It's quite graphic showing dog trainer Ron Pace performing CPR on Sugar, a boxer, who during a training class, suffered a seizure causing him to collapse and stop breathing.  Thanks to quick intervention using CPR Sugar is alive and well.

I watched the video out of curiosity.  I commiserated with Sugar's owner as I thought what if Kirby ever stopped breathing?  I'm the kind of person who wants to know everything, the one who likes to be prepared for anything.  Yet I realized I would be the one crying and begging for someone to save my baby.  I would be the completely useless person because I wouldn't know what to do. 

When Kirby was bitten, I panicked at first and then sprung into action.  I knew I had to remain calm so he would stay calm.  He was very quiet and motionless throughout the agonizingly long drive to his veterinarian who quickly took over.  I broke down once he was in surgery.  Kirby survived and today, unless you saw the scar, you would never know it had ever happened.  But what if he had stopped breathing?  Odds are we would have lost him.

This story opened my eyes so I'm taking steps of preparedness for any future crisis that could possibly occur.  First I searched for a video showing how to perform CPR on a dog.  I watched the video several times and then pretended to perform CPR on Kirby to get a feel for it.

This video is just one of several Safe Dog Safety Tips which can be viewed on Canine Safety Expert Melanie Monteiro's YouTube Channel.

Kirby's trainer is a vet student so I'm going to check with her about any classes in the area.  In the event Kirby, or another dog, stops breathing I want to be able to calmly and effectively apply CPR so I'm going to practice the techniques at least once every month. 

What about you?  Are you prepared in the event your beloved pet stops breathing?  Will you be the one able to swing into action to save him or her or will you be the one screaming for help as precious seconds tick away?

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