Doggie Doga

I am a fan of pilates - I love Mari Winsor Pilates.  It's hard work but I find it relaxing andinvigorating as I stretch out all those kinks and tone up those muscles.  I tried yoga once.  A friend talked me into going to a class withher and I thought why not?  I discoveredit wasn't my thing.  First, there weretimes when we were meditating and I was either fighting to stay awake orthinking about everything I needed to be doing. Second, I hurt myself.  One of thepositions is standing on your head.  Atfirst I couldn't do it but I kept trying. When I finally managed to stand on my head I ended up spending weeks andmoney going to a chiropractor.  To savemy neck I decided that was the end of yoga for me!

When I do pilates I just roll out my mat and slip the dvdinto the player.  Kirby has learned tostay off the mat and occupy himself with a toy or chew.  Twenty minutes later he has my attentionagain.

Which brings me to Doga (Dog + Yoga).  It was created sometime around 2002 and has slowly been gaining enthusiasts.  It looks interesting, but more importantly,fun!  An exercise regime Kirby and I cando together.  I would love to take him toa class but since we live in the country there isn't much chance of thatalthough I will keep my eyes out for a class. You never know!

A class with other pet parents and their dogs is agreat social activity with many healthy benefits.  The stretching and toning of our bodies.  The massaging would definitely be Kirby'sfavorite part - I can always stop him in his tracks just by rubbing his head orbelly.  I'm not so sure about lifting himover my head since he weighs a hefty 14 pounds.  I'm thinking we would needsomeone to spot us in case they had to catch him in midair!  The bonding and interaction would be an addedbonus. 

Actually the more I think about it, the more I like the idea.  I just may have to order a Doggie Dogadvd.  Of course then I'll have to teachhim to get on the mat when he has finally learned to stay off the mat.  Oh well, a pet parent's work is never done.

Here's a video introducing the concept.  Adorable little dogs, a beautiful beach, what's not to love?  It doesn't look very productive but loads of fun.  The dogs look as if they think their owners have lost their minds!

Here's 3 year old Oscar doing his morning stretches.  So impossibly cute.

And finally there's a website called DogaDog.  There you will find information, pictures, classes if you live in the area, descriptions of poses you can do with your dog, and even some beautiful hand painted mats for purchase.  You can order a Doga DVD and manual.  They even have training available if you want to become an instructor.

Kirby and I are just going to start with a few exercises and see what happens.  I know he'll love the massaging part.  The humming?  Maybe not.  Have you tried Doga yet?