Deputy Dawg Kirby

I was just checking on some of our favorite dog blogs and came across this really cool test to determine a dog’s personality profile on Life with Lulu & Wally Too.  I took the quiz consisting of 26 questions to determine Kirby’s unique personality profile with the following conclusion:

Your Canine Behavior Type Index is

OGH - Deputy

Your dog is an Organised, Gamma and High Activity type which we call the Deputy. The Deputy is a submissive, mouldable, balanced character. It happily does the leader's bidding, is easily led and controlled but prefers an orderly environment. The Deputy conforms to its leader's wishes most readily. Deputies are easy to train, willing to conform socially and team spirited. They are everybody's friend.








I think the profile of Kirbs personality traits is pretty accurate.  He is an eager to please dog who hates to be in trouble.  I'm not sure if he prefers an orderly environment or if he simply accepts my orderly way of life.  He is very easy to train and gets along with everyone, whether human, canine, or feline. 

He was once quite submissive with other dogs until he was bitten.  Since then he will not roll onto his back but instead will face them as if warning that either we'll be friends or he's going down fighting.  It is strange that he seems to have more fun playing with the large dogs rather than the ones his size. 

Overall, Kirby is well balanced.  He instinctively knows when he must be gentle especially with children.  He also seems to be fearless.  Not even motorcycles or fireworks bother him as he seems to gage his reactions to a situation to whatever our reactions are.

Wondering about your dog's personality profile?  Take the test at Pet Connect and find out.