Kirby Barks About Pet Peeves

We were watching the movie Turner and Hooch the other day which got me to thinking about pet peeves I might have with Kirby.  Tom Hanks sure had some pet peeves, some minor, some rather irritating.  The large amount of drooling goo would have gotten to me!

I can honestly say Kirby is a very well behaved little dog.  He doesn't chew on anything that isn't his or tear things up just because he's bored.  In fact he has never touched one shoe which is a good thing because I do love my shoes.  Once when he was a puppy he chewed up the power cord to my laptop but that's the only thing he has ever damaged.

We did have a very difficult time with his potty training until I figured out I was confusing him.  Once I realized my mistake he got it but for a while it was a major pet peeve.  It was bad enough that one of my mantras became "it's a damn good thing I love you!"

The only pet peeve I have now is how he very much likes to eat cat poop from the litter box.  I keep a tube of doggie toothpaste handy (would you believe it's beef flavored!) which is kinda funny when you think about it.  A dog getting his potty mouth washed out!

Maybe I really do have a perfect dog.  Mmm, I wonder if he thinks I'm a perfect pawrent?  "Hey Kirby, come here a minute.  I was wondering if you might have any pet peeves about me?  You must have one little something that bothers you?"

Kirby:  "Well, mebbe just one."
Me:  "What is it?"
Kirby:  "Well, it's not fair I get left home all lone all day long."
Me:  "I have to work to earn money and we are together every weekend." 
Kirby:  "I guess, then how comes I have to have a bath every week?"
Me:  "Kirby, you do like to get on my furniture and you do sleep in my bed."
Kirby:  "Ok, then what about when I has to tell you I need some water?"
Me:  "You've got me on that one.  I'll keep a better eye on your water bowl."
Kirby:  "Yea, well what about when I just wanna play and you is too busy?"
Me:  "Aw Kirbs, I'm sorry.  I will try to play with you more."
Kirby:  "Ok, and how come we hasn't been to the dog park lately?"
Me: "It's been awfully cold but we'll go soon."
Kirby:  "Whatever, well then how come I have ta do tricks just to get some treats?"
Me: "That's because I'm training you!"
Kirby: "But you don't have to do tricks to get food!"
Me: "Ok that's enough Master Kirby, do you have any more pet peeves?"
Kirby: "I love you Mama."
Me: "I love you too Kirby."
Kirby: "Mama?"
Me:  "Yes, Kirby?"
Kirby: "I need some water!"

Well there you have it.  The perfect dog belongs to the less than perfect person.  Here's hoping Kirby wouldn't have it any other way.  "Come on Kirby, get a toy so we can play!"