Sunday Smiles

"Kirby, have you said your prayers?"  "Mama, I don't know how!"  I suddenly realized I have been a neglectful petparent.  Kirby does not know how to pray.  So deciding this was something he really needs to learn I searched YouTube to find a few videos with clear instructions on how to train a dog to "Say Your Prayers".

This is a good video showing Venus, a large dog, learning how to pray using a bed and Lola, a small dog, learning how to pray using a chair.  This is the easiest since the dog only has to lay his head down.

Next, I found a video that's a little harder showing Timmy, a large dog, using the trainer's arm and tucking his head down to pray.  In this video the trainer is using clicker training which is what I use with Kirby.  I really find he catches on much quicker.

And finally, for those who either don't have time for training tricks, or may have a stubborn dog, here's a really cute video of adorkable Oscar patiently listening as his owner says grace.  Talk about a focused, well-behaved dog!

Kirby loves learning new tricks because we keep the sessions short and fun.  When training a dog, it's so important to set him up for success.  Usually Kirby catches on quickly.  If I find he is having difficulty with a new one, then I throw in some he knows and then go back to the new one.  This way he feels successful rather than frustrated.  If he is tired, or simply not in the mood, then I wait for a better time. 

So go ahead, teach your dog to say his or her prayers.  Easter is just around the corner.