Agility Training - Week 2

This was week 2 of Kirby's agility training.  It was hot but the dogs all worked hard.  The handlers too!  Kirby did even better on the dreaded tunnels.  Maybe not so dreaded anymore since we really had no trouble getting him to run through them.  

Here I come!

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

This is Kim's dog Flick who demonstrated each obstacle for us.  Isn't she a beauty!  I was flattered when she came over and started nudging for some of Kirby's Liver Lover's Training Treats.  I had to give Kim some to use the rest of the day!

See the obstacle on the left - that's the jumps that wore Kirby out today.  Most of the other dogs just stepped over.  Poor Kirbs really had to jump!!

A little playtime thrown in.  Yes, the wild looking dog is Kirbs!  I am still learning to use my new camera so bear with me as I figure it out.  One day I'll be a pro at this!
And then there was Heaven, a beautiful 2 year old Havanese!  She and Kirby met and any thought of work was over! 
Love at first sight?  He was playing hard to get!

She was persistent and won him over!

They just wanted to play!  Where was that energy a few minutes ago?

She was chasing him which is a game Kirby loves.  Come back here!
It was a good day.  We learned a bit more and even have homework to do this week.  Kirby has to learn his "eights" which involves jumping over the horizontal pole to the right, go around that vertical pole and jump over the horizontal pole to the left, go around that vertical pole and jump over that horizontal pole to the right.  Again and again.

Doug is making the jumps and weave poles for him to practice on.  When my children were young my backyard contained their play equipment - swingset, sandbox, etc.  Now my backyard will contain Kirby's play equipment - kiddie pool, jumps, weave poles, see saw, etc.  I am so excited!  Not bragging, well actually I am, but this dogger is so dang smart.  We practice his rally commands and tricks all the time and now this.  Have I mentioned he can now back up on command? 

I have to comment that this type of training is different from what we are used to doing.  There are no words or cues attached to the behavior so far.  The dog is simply figuring out what we want him to do.  I was doubtful at first but Kirby is getting it.  Do dogs really have ESP?  Kirby, what am I thinking right now?  Good boy!