A Dog Day With Nature

Sunday was such a beautiful day we couldn't resist a visit to Choctaw Lake especially since it's only ten minutes from home.  We parked at the boating ramp area and walked the nature trail leading around the lake.  Kirby loved every second, probably because he was able to run off leash.  And run he did!  He stayed ahead of us but would then stop and turn to watch us waiting for us to catch up.  Once we were close enough he would run ahead.  At one point something must have frightened him because he ran back to us and decided to walk in between us.  A short time later he was off again his eyes alert and his nose to the ground.

The lake is really beautiful especially since they have done a lot of upgrading.  The trails are layered with gravel and there are lovely bridges spanning over different parts of the waterways.  There's even a bench set up here and there.  Part way down is a large dock going out onto the lake.


God's spring greenery is just beginning to peek out here and there amid the monotone browns of winter.  The sun literally sparkled on the blue water.  It was very peaceful with birds chattering now and again.  We actually saw an entire family of deer running across the road as we were driving into the lake area.   Kirby's little nose was in overdrive with all the new wonderous smells.  I don't know what scents he was picking up but he certainly seemed to be following the trails of something.

His coat colors blended in as if he were wearing camoflauge.  I did seem to snap a lot of pictures from his rear since he was in motion the entire time.  At one point I knew he was thirsty so I told him to get some water.  Going near the edge I expected him to get his feet muddy, what I didn't expect was for him to just walk right into the water up to his neck.  What was I thinking when I know how much he loves the water!  I had to tell the silly dogger to come back!  Thank goodness Doug had a towel in the truck.

When it was time to leave we had to tell him several times to get in the truck.  He knows the command "come" so he wouldn't run from us but he sure did try to evade actually getting into the truck.  It was a glorious afternoon at the lake and I know Kirby will be ready to go again once he has rested up.  When we got home he had a bath and almost immediately settled down for a nap.  I'm quite sure he was dreaming of his adventure at Choctaw Lake.