Weekend Dog Blogger Hop Introducing Kirby the Dorkie

Puplove is hosting a blog hop through the weekend – Friday, February 11th until Sunday, February 13th so we thought we would join them.  I like reading posts but I especially like reading about other dogs!  So first, let me introduce you to my furbaby...

Name:  Kirby, Kirbs, Kirby Wirby, Poobear, Pumpkin, Sweety Boy, rugrat,
Humans:  Debby
Website/Blog: www.kirbythedorkie.com
Age: 2 years old on January 9th
Location:  Mississippi

Breed: He's a CKC registered F1b Dorkie (Dachshund/Yorkie). 

How we met: God found him!  I had a little dorkie, Tucker, who was hit by a car at 7 months and died in my arms.  (He was purchased in another state by someone who ended up not wanting him and after several homes eventually at 4 months old he ended up with me.)  Heartbroken and being pushed to get another dog, I set the bar very high. It had to be a dorkie, male, black and tan, nearby, and in my budget.  Surfing the net I happened across a breeder in North Mississippi who happened to be more concerned about finding good homes rather than making a profit who happened to have a litter due which happened to produce three males of which two happened to be black and tan.  Did I mention I don't believe in coincidences!

Best trick: I started clicker training him at 6 weeks so he can do a lot of tricks: Leave it, Sit, Down, Take a nap, Rollover, Crawl, Catch a ball in the air, circle.  For me his best trick is "Be a Meerkat" where he is in the up position and has to wait for a treat or toy until I say ok.  I can hold a treat right next to his nose and he won't touch it.  If it's something he really wants he starts pleading with his paws - so cute.

Favorite toy:  For months we didn't know if he knew how to bark but he would squeak a toy over and over so any furry toy that he can make squeak, loves his Crazy Critters (unstuffed with squeakers).  He has just discovered the interactive toys and loves them!  Maybe he has watched me do too many puzzles! 

Best Friend: His best friend has to be Doug, the human who spoils him rotten!  We're talking food, treats, toys, walks, whatever he wants.  Kirby adores him!  Next on the list would be Kaitlyn, our youngest cat.  They play together some but when Kirbs starts getting a little rough, she'll cry and jump up on something to get away from him.  Finally, his best friend of the moment will be whatever foster dog happens to be staying with us.

Worst Enemy: Kiby has become quite prejudiced towards Boxers.  Last Memorial Day Kirby was attacked by a female boxer.  He rolled onto his back and she took a big bite!  It was very traumatic for everyone.  To this day he does not like boxers.  This once submissive little dog who would roll over onto his back now meets dogs face to face.  He seems to be telling them either like me or I'm going down fighting!

Now, let's get hopping and check out the other fabulous furbabies...