More Doggie Winter Wonderland

I live in Mississippi where it rarely snows so it's exciting for everyone, especially the children.  I know it snowed in February of 2009 because that was when I had just adopted Kirby.  Our last snowfall of roughly 2 inches was January 9, 2011.  Just last month!  Today is February 10, 2011 and we have 4 inches of snow!  It actually started snowing yesterday afternoon. Hmm, January 9th, February 9th.  I've always heard everything comes in threes so I'm a little worried about March 9th.

Every winter I see the news clips of people in the New England states going about their daily lives with snow blizzards swirling around them.  I think brrrr, too cold for me!  I'm a summer girl - bring on the heat!  I have to admit it is beautiful but that is as far as I'll go.  Kirby does not like the cold, however, he is in love with this white stuff!  He just wants to stay outside.

Apparently we Southerners are ill equiped for this wintery weather.  Everything has virtually come to a standstill.  Most business are closed today with very few cars on the roads.  The temps aren't supposed to get much above freezing so there are several warnings of black ice which basically is thin sheets of ice on the road which the human eye can't see very well.  It's expected to be another hard freeze tonight with temperatures slowly warming up late friday.  I can't get to work so Kirbs is a very happy boy.  He's having a snow day and loving every second!  I'm the grinch that keeps bringing him inside to warm up.

This is our house early Thursday morning.  That's ice on the driveway.  I know this because I did a little accidental sliding on it!
This is my deck last night around 10 pm.  I love how my camera caught the snowflakes falling.

This is a beautiful shot of trees in my side yard.  Yes, I love trees.
This is a vignette in my back yard.

Love my Sketchers!  My hands got cold, my face got cold, my feet never got cold!

Kirby Snow Prints
I'm a snowmanpup!  He would run through the snow just plowing his face in it.

Look!  I'm a bird dog!  See my pointing pose! (he really was looking at a group of birds in the trees)

She made me come back inside again! (He's like a child!  Take off the coat, dry off with a towel, pick the snowballs and ice out of his hair on legs and feet, put sweatshirt on)

In this video Kirby is enjoying all the glorious white snow.

In this video Kirby is ice skating while watching a boy riding a 4-wheeler.