I can't believe how late I am getting this post done! So late in fact that we have already received news from Chester's forever mom! So far we have only had female fosters so when I was asked to foster again I requested a male dog since I wanted to see Kirby's reaction.  Chester came to us on November 4, 2011 from a sanctuary further south so Kirby and I can't really take any credit for his wonderful personality and behavior.  Our home was a short stopping point on his journey north to the waiting family who had already adopted him.  To sum up this little dog in one word would be joyful!

Chester and Kirby were best buds from the moment he stepped into our home.  We were told he was roughly two years old which is the same age as Kirby.  They played together, ate together and slept somewhat close together the entire time.  They never fought over toys, in fact Chester didn't care for the ones that squeaked.  That is until a few days later when he discovered Kirby's monkey that screeches.  It very much startled him at first but from then on no toy was off limits.  I guess he figured if he could get past the fear of a screaming monkey then a squeaking toy was nothing! If one had a toy the other wanted then it was grabbed and the chase began as they took turns snatching the toy from each other.  I wouldn't call it fighting but a game between the two boys.

They followed each other everywhere, sometimes walking side by side.  Kirby loves a game of chase and Chester was happy to oblige.  Kirby then enjoyed chasing him.  We had nice weather during the time Chester was with us so during the day I was able to leave the back door open.  The two spent their time constantly running inside and back outside all day long.

Chester caught on quickly about dinner time and treats.  I would get tickled watching them both sitting together anticipating what was for dinner.  They both had such good manners taking turns to receive their treats.

Chester is such a smart little guy picking up from Kirby on our routines and habits.  Bath time was incredibly easy, he is house trained, and he loved riding in the car for trips.  This fluffy little guy was a great cuddler  although there were times I think Kirbs was a bit jealous as there were times he would squeeze in between Chester and myself.  He also did quite well with my two cats.  He chased them a little in the backyard but was always gentle with them.  One night when we were in my bedroom he slowly crawled across the bed to get close enough to Kaitlyn, the youngest cat, to sniff her face. He actually licked her face which caused her to scamper off the bed.  It really was a sweet moment.

I don't believe he has ever met a stranger!  I simply can't imagine why anyone would have given him up.  If he had any past issues he certainly doesn't now.  Chester is the perfect little southern gentleman!  Boy, did Kirby and I want to keep this sweet boy.  Another delightful dog it was difficult to say good by to when it was time for him to travel north to his forever family on November 11, 2011.  God speed Chester!

I was forwarded the following email on December 2, 2011 from Homeward Bound:
I am the new owner of Chester.  We call him Buddy and what a little buddy he is.  I just love him to pieces.  He loves us all too.  He follows me around everywhere. We have a pug and they are soo funny when they play together.
He is absolutely perfect in every way!!!
I had recently lost my brother to pancreatic cancer so he is just what I have needed to keep me preoccupied and receive lots of kisses.
Thank you so very very much.
Our joyful Chester Buddy is going to have a very Merry Christmas!

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