A Doggie Game of Chase

We have a new foster - Fritz who is a roughly one year old male pekingese mix.  He was taken from an elderly lady who couldn't care for him anymore. I don't think he was abused but rather neglected due to her age and physical limitations.  He wasn't frightened, he just didn't seem to know what was expected of him.  Inside the house he would sit and watch and wait for what I'm not sure.

I'll tell you more about him later but for now I wanted to share this funny video of Kirby showing Fritz how the game of chase is played.  This was his first day with us and his first time in the backyard.

Kirby is really great at being a therapy dog for our fosters showing them how to be dogs again.  He makes it seem so easy and so far each foster feels safe learning what they need at their own speed.  All I have to do is provide good food, fun toys, and cuddles.