National Mutt Day

I  rarely publish more than one post in a day but today is National Mutt Day!  It's a day to celebrate all the doggers who aren't purebloods.  In Harry Potter's world humans who aren't born with magic are "muggles" or "mugbloods" so I'm thinking in our world dogs who aren't pure bloods are pure magic!

It's estimated that today the mutts outnumber the purebreeds.  So if your heart is set on a purebreed by all means get one.  But if you aren't sure what kind of dog you want then consider a mix or hybrid dog.  They can be found in so many shelters and rescues just waiting for a new home and family to love.  They are full of vigor and energy ready to bring a smile to your face with their adorkable silliness and joy.

A popular search today on MSN lists the top hybrid dogs of the season with pictures and great information about each one. 

Beabull - Beagle/Bulldog

Boxweiler - Boxer/Rottweiler

Cavachon - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Bichon Frise

Chiweenie – Chihuahua/Dachshund

Cockapoo - Cocker spaniel/Poodle

Dorkie - Dachshund/Yorkie

Frengle - French bulldog/Beagle

Labradoodle - Labrador Retriever/Poodle

Ori Pei - Shar Pei/Pug

Pomchi – Pomeranian/Chihuahua

Puggle – Pug/Beagle

Schnoodle – Schnauzer/Poodle.

Yorkie Poo - Yorkshire Terrier/Miniature poodle

We just love all dogs in all shapes and sizes but we are somewhat partial to the Dorkies!  Do you own a mutt? A hybrid? A purebreed?  We would love to hear and see pictures!