Kirby Barks About Car Safety

I knows about a new Page on FaceBook called Pets Are Not Cargo that was made to help pet pawrents make good choices when it comes to travelling with us doggers.  I has never rode in a plane and I don't think I wants too cos mama said sometimes bad things happen to good dogs in a place them humans call cargo.  I hasn't never rode in a train neither cos dogs isn't allowed but I does ride in the car all the time.  I go on short trips and I go long trips too.  I want all my furiends to be safe so here's my car safety things for doggers that you can share with your pawrents.

1. Small dogs (30 pounds and under) gotta use a car booster seat.  I likes mine cos I feels safe in it.  I can see out the windows or snuggle in it to takes a nap.  Did you know that in an car accident if a 10 pound dog is loose in a car and it crashes at 50 miles per hour then that dog can exert 500 pounds of pressure endangering both the dog and anyone in its path.  Ouchie boo boo! You bigger dogs can use a seat belt restraint that attaches to the car safety belt or a auto dog barrier to keep you safe in the back of your SUV or van.

This was my very first car seat when I was a little puppy.  I was soo cute!
But then I gots bigger so I gots a big boy car seat.  I still cute!

I can sees out ever window so that's a lot of fun. 

2. Notice my snazzy lookin harness?  Well I wears one cos being hooked to the car seat by my collar could be dangerous in an accident.  A big yank on my neck could really hurts me but a harness is made to spread the sudden pressure I would feel across my chest. Also did you know dogs on leashes has gotten spooked and then pulled out of their collars and gotten loose?  That's why my Mama says my collar is for a tag and my harness is for a leash.

3.  I seen some big doggers riding in the back of a truck but that's just bad unless they is properly restrained.  Dogs has jumped or fallen out and then been hit by other cars. If you just gotta ride in the back then you gotta be hooked with a tether restraint.

4.  We don't need to stick our heads out the window either no matter how much fun it is cos we could get hurt by something hittin our eyes or ears. Even somethin tiny can get in our eyes and hurt us bad.  Heck iffen somethin hit my nose it would hurt a lot!  But it's ok iffen you rolls down the window just enuf for some fresh air cos then we can smell all kinda neat things.  Is that bacon?
5.  When traveling it's a good idea to carry food and water we is used to so we don't get a upset tummy if you knows what I mean.  Be sure you don't eat a lot iffen you aren't used to ridin cos you could get car sick.  Doug always gives me little bites of beef jerky he buys in those stores which I really likes.  Mama usually buys spring water for me along the way since I likes my water really cold. You can even carry your very own travel bottle too.

6.  You gotta make pit stops to well you know why.  My mama is super careful so I can't get lost in a new area.  Iffen a dog gets spooked by somethin they could bolt and run.  While my harness is still hooked to my car seat strap mama hooks my leash to my harness and then unhooks the car seat strap to get me out of the car.  Same thing when I gets back in the car - she hooks my harness to the car seat strap and then unhooks the leash. 



7.  Then there is identification.  We should always wear a collar with a tag telling our name and a telephone number.  I always wear mine cept when I has to take a bath.  Some pawrents even has a special tag with the address of where you is traveling to but since mama has a cellphone, iffen I got lost, anyone who found me could call her right away and she could answer anywhere in the world. Makes sure your collar isn't too tight but not so loose you can slip out of it iffen it gets snagged on somethin. I has a microchip too just in case so think abouts gettin one of those.  They don't hurt and iffen your collar gets lost then somebody can still find your pawrent.



8.  It's a bad idea to be left in the car iffen it's hot cos I has heard it only takes minutes to suffer a painful death.  Even with the windows down your car can become an oven! Iffen it's really cold then we can freeze to death.  We stop at places to eat where I can join everbody or we goes on a picnic. Sometimes we stop at places to shop which means my humans take turns bein with me and shopping so everbody is happy and I is safe.


9.  This is the mostest important thing to remember!  Plan your trip so you can go to fun places that likes dogs with lots of stops along the way so you can make time to enjoy bein with your humans. It's easy to be safe and have fun too!

I don't know bout catters cos my sister cats only goes in the car in a carrier to goes to the vet. I just don't knows why they don't likes to ride in the car!  Anyways thats all I knows about car travel safety so leaves me a comment iffen you has some other things that makes us doggers safe.  Happy Waggy Travels!


Kirby Says Buckle Up