Kirby Helps Santa Paws

Kirby and I try to do what we can to help dogs less fortunate.  The ones left behind because they were unwanted.  The ones thrown away because they didn't measure up to someone's idea of the perfect pet.  The ones waiting and hoping for forever homes.  The ones afraid and lonely.  There are so many homeless dogs for so many reasons it can become overwhelming.  We donate what money we can to different charities and we foster one dog at a time.

It's only a week until Christmas so we are thrilled to be able to donate needed dog food to our two local shelters, the Choctaw County Animal Shelter and the Oktibbeha County Animal Shelter.  Actually we must thank Sam's Club for making this donation possible.  You see I entered a picture of Kirby in one of their contests and it won.  Thank you Kirby for being so adorably cute.  Part of the prize was a year supply of dog food.  We received eight 46 pound bags earlier in the summer.  This is more food than Kirby could eat in a lifetime so we happily gave the bags of food to these shelters.

This past weekend we received the other eight 46 pound bags of dog food which we will donate to these same shelters.  However, I'm afraid Kirby got to see Santa Claus this weekend and, well, it's kinda gone to his head.  He now thinks he's one of Santa's helpers. I told him to be a helper he should wear an elf outfit to which he snorted he loved his red Santa suit.  I gotta say that Santa hat sure looks cute on him so I guess we'll just humor him since he is doing a good thing.

Ok, Santa Paws, can you say cheese, I mean meat?

PS. The hat was purchased at PetSmart and it really does stay on.  I didn't have to fix it once.

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