Christmas Pressies

The other evening our mailbox was stuffed with mail addressed to Kirby Martin.  Being the good mama I am, I first made him eat his dinner and make his visit to the backyard.  Once he was settled down I helped him open his Christmas card and presents.

My buddies Jake and Elwood who is the Royal Ruskies sent me some Christmas! Mmmm I smells somethin good in this box!

I wants that box over there please

I does likes this card - my bery first Christmas Card!

Its my buddies The Royal Ruskies. They is some cool cats who is my furiends even iffen I is a dog. They sent me a Christmas Card, a very cool shirt and some cookies.

See my shirt! It's hard to read in the picture but it says COOKIE TASTER and its got a gingerbread man on it too. Me and mama bakes Kirby cookies so this is my new bakin shirt. I luvs it!

PLEASE MAMA PLEASE can I has those cookies in this box?

I smells cookies...

I tastes cookies...

I gonna eats the cookie...

Nomnomnom I eats the gingerbread man! Is so good!

Here's the back of my new shirt. Its my kirby blue color and did you see somebody already ates the gingerbread mans foot! Pawsome soft too!

Tryin to pose like them doggies in magazines - its not easy turning my head all the way likes this. Mama does you really thinks I can touch my butt withs my nose?
 Merry Christmas Royal Ruskies!  Thank you for giving Kirby a smile!