BATH Is A Four Letter Word

Kirby loves the water.  He eagerly jumps right into a pool.  He chases and bites at the waves at the lake as they lap the shore.  He eagerly swims with me.  He runs and jumps through the sprinkler in the back yard.  Rain doesn't faze him one bit.  He has even been known to lay right down in the middle of a puddle if he gets too hot.

A BATH is another story.  I've learned to never say it's time for a bath out loud.  That four letter word sends him scampering under the bed only to be dragged out.  The trick is to have everything needed already waiting and then just pick him up and carry him to the bathroom shutting the door so he can't escape.

He prefers luke-warm water and doesn't mind getting soaked down.  He doesn't mind getting lathered up either probably since it's much like having a massage which he thoroughly enjoys.  In fact he behaves very well during his bath except when I must wash and rinse his face.  That's the part he hates but I can't say I blame him.  Who wants, or enjoys, getting sprayed in the face with water?

This is my "I not happy" look
I don't understand why it never works in the bathroom?

Grrrrrr not work either...

*sigh*  I is gettin a good treat for this.  Right?
Kirby has a bath almost every week.  I find this necessary since he sleeps on my bed, often crawling under the covers.  His veterinarian isn't crazy about this saying one bath a month is enough.  Because Kirby has combated dry, itchy skin in the past I take extra care by using gentle, non alkaline dog shampoos and rinse, rinse, rinse.  I also add salmon oil or olive oil to his daily meals and flax meal to the majority of his treats.  He receives an almost daily brushing which removes any flakiness thus alleviating itching.    

Kirby's bath time zoomies...

Like I said Kirby loves the water... just don't add soap!