Just Say Cheese, er Woof

Our little dorky clown Kirby recently had his first "professional" photographs taken at a recent festival held at Moncrief Dog Park.  I have to admit he is becoming a ham for the camera, or maybe he has learned that if he poses then he will be done that much sooner. Either way the camera seems to love his furry face.

Photographs By Stephanie Dray Photography 
She also does babies, children, engagement and wedding pictures. 

Kirby also won a Halloween Basket in the raffle.  He really is a lucky pup!

He says thank you for all of his Halloween treats!

Lol! Apparently his favorite was the little poop bag lion!  No matter where I put it he would either get it, or beg for it, so I finally let him have it.  I tried to explain it was a poop bag holder to no avail.  He doesn't tear up his toys so I'll still be able to use it as it was intended.