We Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is a designated yearly holiday to reflect andcount all God's blessings we have received over the past year.  Itgives us an opportunity to publicly praise Him and appreciate everything that He hasgiven us and should be filled with love and thankfulness.  

Heavenly Father hear our prayer
On this day especially for You
As we stop to count our blessings
Giving thanks for all You do...

For apple pie and angels on high,
For budding smiles and ended trials,
For the Christmas Child and flowers wild,
For dancing stars and broken bars,
For endless joys and dreams to toy,
For fun and laughter and the ever after,
For giving us hope and teaching us to cope,
For helping hands and timeless sands,
For insight to You and Your Son too,
For Jesus our Lord and promises stored,
For kingdoms to come and the rising sun,
For little things and the joy they bring,
For mended hearts and brand new starts,
For nature's way and each new day,
For opening eyes and the hows and whys,
For peace of mind and friends so kind,
For quiet nights and shining lights,
For reaching out and turning us about,
For the seasons each year and much good cheer,
For tasks to perform and guides to reform,
For understanding and yet demanding,
For voices to sing and bells to ring,
For winning souls and making us whole,
For Xenia's in bloom and growing room,
For Your wondrous love and Heaven above,
For zest of life and answers to strife,

And Amen.

Heavenly Father it is you who has created all living things.  On this day we give special thanks for givingus our pets who are our cherished companions giving us so much joy andunconditional love. We cherish thesepets and we fondly remember the pets we have loved who now live in your realm.  May we always be reminded of the complete trustour pets give us to take care of them as we trust you to take care of us.  As we share your love and blessings amonghuman kind we will also share your love and blessings for all of yourcreatures.  Amen.

Kirby and I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving with good food, good friends, and family.