Pet Peek Window Review

If you have been following our blog then you know we just finished building a wonderful fence in our backyard so Kirby can run and play in a safe environment.  Chatting on Kirby's FaceBook Page I commented about cutting out a window in the fence and covering it with chicken wire.  That's when Angel from Life with Lulu told me about these amazing windows that can be installed in the fence.  I thought this was the coolest idea and knew Kirby just had to have one.  I did a search online and came across Pet Peek.  I contacted Carolin Best, the inventor of Pet Peek, to ask if Kirby and I could review one and she said yes!

So what is Pet Peek?  It's a durable, clear, hard acrylic dome 9.5"in diameter with a black trim-ring and comes with all necessary hardware for easydo-it-yourself installation into your wooden or vinyl fence.  It retails for under $40.00

How easy is it to install?  It took us less than thirty minutes!
Step 1 - locate where you want to install the window based on your dog's height.  Next draw a circle using the trim ring as a quide.

Step 2 - Using a reciprocating saw cut out the circle.

Step 4 - Mark and then drill the holes for the screws.

Step 5 - insert screws and tighten.

These pictures are looking through the window from outside the fence.

Kirby did succeed in scratching the window but it still works because he can safely look out.  In retrospect we should have left the protective film on until it was completely installed since Kirby was scratching the window because I was outside the fence taking pictures.

These pictures are looking at the window from inside the fence.

This idea is absolutely brilliant and isn't just for dogs!  Small children would love this window with a view too!  Other suggested uses are in dog houses and children's playhouses, the only limit is your imagination. Kirby loves looking out his Pet Peek window and I love how great my fence looks.  In fact we plan on installing one in each of the remaining fence walls.  Kirby and I give the Pet Peek four paws up and a wag!

Disclosure:  We received a Pet Peek Window to review. We were not compensated in any other way and this is my personal opinion of this product based on my experience and Kirby's reaction.