A Back Yard For Cats Too

We finished fencing in the backyard for Kirby.  I wondered how our cats would react to this huge change.  They didn't seem to have a problem other than the fact Kirby can now chase them anywhere in the yard.  Both cats can easily jump the 4 foot fence so they still aren't confined.  They do seem to be staying inside the fenced area most of the time, especially enjoying perching atop a post or up high in the arbor.

Kaitlyn quickly learned she could climb up the arbor to get away from Kirby and have a great view of the yard beyond the fence.  This seems to have become one of her favorite hangouts, unless Chelsea is already up there.

I think she likes hiding amid the Carolina Jasmine.  I have heard hissing a time or two only to see one of the cats, usually Kaitlyn, scurrying down to the ground.

Chelsea leisurely investigates the perimeter of the yard knowing full well Kirby will not bother her.  She has made him cry a time or two giving him reason to give her a wide berth.

Plenty of room for all my lovely animals to interact or spend time alone investigating or just soaking up some sun.