DIY Kirby Fence Finale

How to build a fence for Kirby - Phase Two.

We started fencing in the backyard over a month ago.  We got all the posts in the ground and the entire back wall installed.  Then life intervened and we had to put it on the backburner.  Last weekend it was finished.  Kirby finally has a safe, fenced yard to play in.  He no longer has to be hooked to his tie-off, no more getting tangled around the deck furniture, and I don't have to be with him every second just in case he should get choked or an animal should attack him.
7.  Lay out the remaining panels.  Some required removing a little sod to keep the panels level and leave no room for Kirby to get out underneath the panels.  Kirby tested the panels for a walkway.

8.  Attach each panel to the posts with screws always checking level.

9.  Continue until the right side is connected to the back wall.

10.  Repeat along the left wall.

The first few times I opened the door to let him out he would sit waiting for me to hook him up to the tie-off.  The first couple of days he didn't want to be outside without me.  A week later and he runs right out into the backyard.

He thinks having a fenced backyard is pawsome!  Kirby tested, Kirby approved!

DIY Kirby Fence