Kirby Barks About His Halloween Costume

Ok so it's fixin to be Halloween which is this one night ever year when hoomans dress up like somethin they ain't just so they can gets free candy and treats.  Dogs and cats is doin it too.  Last year I was just a puppy so  I just had to be whatever Mama wanted me to be.  Actually it was ok cos I was a pirate which was kinda cool.  But I is two years old now so this year I'm putting my paw down!

So the other day Mama got out a box full of stuff she had been pickin up at the stores over the last few weeks and we wents through it.  She just had to take pictures so I had to pose.  I didn't really mind though cos she had cookies, the caroby kind.  Yum!

First was them cat ears.  They didn't come with a tail or whiskers so I said no.  Besides my dogger furiends would really give me a hard time iffen I walked around looking like a cat!  You know I does love a good game of chase iffen I the one bein chased.  Naaahhh!

Next was the bunny ears.  Are you kiddin?  Mama has you not noticed I is a boy!  I is not wearing pink and don't even think of sticking a cottontail on my butt!

Yikes, I don't even know what I is supposed to be in these things.  Is I an alien or did I has too many beers last night? 

I is kinda cute in this one but it's kinda girlie don't you think?  And what is I?  A witchy pumpkin??

This is kinda cool lookin for a dogger!  Sorta Harry Potter meets a playa!  Did ya notice the lipstick on the collar?  Too bad these glasses are too heavy and big cos iffen I moves they falls off.

Kaitlyn quit laughing at me!  Mama how come the cats don't gotta wear costumes?  I thinks Kaitlyn would make a great frog!  A green frog!

I's a devil dog!  I growls and bites and tears ups stuf and... I scared me!

But I does likes the idea of sayin the cat made me do it!

Ok so I is tired of tryin on stuff, I is tired of posin, and Mama is out of cookies.  So I thinks I'll just be a clown.  That's kinda dorky don't ya think?

Mama can we gets a store bought costume next year?  I still likes the alligator one.  I hopes this clown gets lots of treats on Halloween!  Trick or treat, gives me something good to eat...