Who Is Kirby?

Thus far I’ve been blessed with three heart dogs, that special dog that just gets you. A unique bond that can’t be explained. Chevas was there when I was a child and Sugar was there when I had children. Heartbroken, it would be seven dogless years before I would meet my next heart dog.

My First Dorkie

I was puppy sitting an adorable four month old Dorkie named Tucker for my daughter who ended up with him after someone had purchased him for his wife who it turned out did not want a dog. She was trying to find him a home, so seeing how he completely stole my heart, I kept him. He lived with me until the age of seven months when he was struck by a car. I still see it as if it just happened. I couldn’t stop the car, I couldn’t stop Tucker. I heard his yelp of pain as I saw the front fender hit his head. The car never stopped even though I was screaming and crying and running towards them. I watched the light leave his eyes as I held him in my arms for the last time. I knew it was my fault but it was easier to be angry at God. He could have saved him. He could have prevented it from ever happening. We buried sweet Tucker in his bed with his blanket and favorite toys.

Friends pushed me to get another dog saying I had waited far too long since Sugar passed. So I prayed, except I prayed in an angry sort of way only God would understand. I made my demands knowing it wasn’t possible. First, it had to be a Dorkie. Second, it had to be a male. Third, it had to have the black and tan markings Tucker had. Fourth, it had to be what I could afford. God laughed as He easily checked off each demand.

My Search began

I halfheartedly began searching the internet discovering there were only a few Dorkie breeders across the country. Even if I could afford one there would also be the additional cost of flying the poor creature to Mississippi. I felt an unexpected glimmer of hope when I came across an ad for Dorkie puppies in Senatobia, Mississippi, which was just a few hours away. A family had let their two dogs (an AKC Yorkie and a CKC F1 Dorkie) breed and had a litter due soon. They weren’t hopeful since the only other litter had produced three girls. But they promised to keep me updated. Close to home and only $250

January 9, 2009. Just another ordinary day but for the fact my little Kirby (a whopping 3 ounces) was born. Three boys and a girl. One male was chocolate brown but two had the black and tan markings. When they were three weeks old a friend and I decided to take a drive to visit. Not one but two males with the black and tan markings. 

We spent a few hours playing with the pups. The first one (later named Reese by his adoptive mom) was such a pretty boy with long hair. He was a bundle of energy, just wouldn’t be still for a second. The other little guy was smaller and had shorter hair.  He was playful but he loved to snuggle. Those dark brown eyes looked into mine and stole my heart that very day. With a magic marker he was marked as mine. Only three weeks until I could take him home! 

During those weeks of waiting I did what every normal pet parent-to-be does. I went shopping… a fluffy dog bed, a dog’s teddy bear, actually two, dog dishes, collar, leash, dog food, treats, a book on puppies, the usual stuff.  I started a list of names adding and then marking off until I was down to two names I really liked that were daughter approved. Kirby or Kingston. 

Adoption Day! 

I went a day earlier just to be sure because a lady from Georgia was picking out her puppy on Saturday. My daughter really liked the other boy (fluffiest was the word she used) but the little snuggly one pulled at my heartstrings. My choice had been made so, without hesitation, I adopted Kirby and brought him home. 

Sir Kirby Kingston Martin of Mississippi is his CKC registered name so on paper Kirby is a very important little guy! To us he’s just Kirby or Kirby Bear or Boo Bear or Rug Rat or Sweet Boy or Pretty boy! He has gotten me through some dark days with his silly antics and unconditional love making me a better person along the way. His fearlessness inspires me to take chances while his endless happiness teaches me to appreciate what each new day brings. A gift from God who makes me smile as he touches the hearts of every human and foster dog he meets.

A Note: Tucker looked more Dachshund with a very short coat and long floppy ears. Kirby looked like him as a pup but over time grew a Yorkie coat with ears that stand halfway up and halfway down. Both have the long back and muzzle with the muscular Dachshund body. God knew what He was doing. I wanted my Tucker but Kirby grabbed hold of my heart with both paws in his own unique way. Answered prayer.