Dorkie Moment #3

Grrrrr!  Kirby the guard dog!

Kirby loves everyone but he does take his job as guard dog very seriously.  If he's outside and someone is walking by the house he will give his most ferocious sounding barks.  If they stop to pet him, he will give them licks.  If they keep walking past, his barks will quickly change to whimpers of come back, come back!

I have a large front window so if he is inside the house and sees someone walking by he will bark as he runs to the front door, then the back door and back to the window.  He acts as if he is patrolling the area for possible intrusion into our home.

Last Sunday afternoon we were hanging out at Doug's apartment.  Doug was in the bedroom and I was in the kitchen when we heard Kirby growling and barking with a very unusual urgency in his voice.  We both arrived in the living room to witness Kirby jumping up at Jessie, actually nipping at his hands and legs, as he was attempting to come through the front door.

Jesse is one of Doug's good friends and comes over often.  In fact Kirby and he have met before.  The problem it seems was that Jessie walked in without permission which Kirby didn't happen to think was the proper thing to do.  Kirby was making every attempt to block his entry into the apartment.  The little dog syndrome had arrived!

As soon as Doug said "it's ok", Kirby immediately stopped.  A few seconds later he walked across the room to the couch, jumped up on it, and settled down as if nothing had happened.  Our little dorkie with the courage of a lion protecting his loved ones.

If you are wondering if we punished him, the answer is no.  The lesson we learned was that a loyal dog can be fearless.  Oh, and knock before entering someone's home.

Just a dorky moment in a Dorkie's life...