DIY at Wal-Mart

A few weeks ago a girl at work introduced me to Wal-Mart’s online Photo Center.  I knew I could upload and edit photos, order prints, and pick them up at my discretion.   What I didn’t know was it also contains a do it yourself bonanza!  Things like creating personalized greeting cards, mugs, clothing, blankets, collages, photo books, almost anything you can think of.

I signed up for a free account and started having fun.  This was right before Christmas so I knew I wanted an ornament for Kirby….

For months Doug has been saying he was going to get some t-shirts made with Kirby’s name and picture on them so how could I resist getting him a sweatshirt with Kirby’s name and picture on it….

I finished my projects and checked out.  I was given the choice of having them mailed to the local store or directly to my home.  I didn't have to wait long.  Four days later I received an email telling me they were at the store ready for pick-up.

I have a project I’m working on now for a gift so mums the word but the ideas are endless.  Maybe a collage of Kirby and his Barkery Treats to go in my home office.  Or a family calendar.  Or a mug gift set for someone’s birthday

.Check it out for yourself.  Go to, then go to the Photo Center and look for personalized gifts.  Pick the item you want to personalize and upload your pictures.  How cool is that?