Have A Heart For Chained Dogs

I received an email last night from Dogs Deserve Better, anorganization dedicated to getting dogs off chains.  As I read the email, with Kirby sleeping beside me warm and safe, myheart ached for those poor dogs suffering from the ever changing elements ofcold, heat, rain, and snow. 

I live in Mississippi which is just about as far south as you canget.  We have hot, sweltering summerswhere air conditioning is a must.  I gagethe temperature in my house by Kirby since I like it really warm.  He starts panting and I lower the thermostat.  Right now it is winter. Brrrr.  Just this past week it gotdown to 14 degrees and we had snow. Kirby is wearing sweaters and hoodies to keep warm. 

I don’t have a problem with tying up a dog.  I have a problem with leaving a dog tied upday after day, night after night, with no shelter or comfort.  I can’t afford to fence my yard so when Kirbygoes outside he is always attached to a very long tie-off.  However, I am either with him or at the veryleast, keeping an eye on him through the window.   

I understand he is just a dog.  I also understand a dog is a living creaturethat deserves to be loved and provided for. That includes food, water, and shelter, not to mention affection.  Dogs were created for companionship.  They crave love and to be loved.  What a disservice we do to them when we treatthem as only objects to be owned.  What adisservice we do to ourselves as human beings. 

If I have learned anything, it is the knowledge that a dog iscapable of giving us the unconditional love we so desperately need whether wedeserve it or not.  Good or bad, kind orcruel, a dog will continue to love us always forgiving, always hoping for thebest in us to come through. 

The one resolution I made this new year was to be the bestGod thinks I can be.  For me that meansdoing what I can whenever I can for whoever I can.  This is something I can do.  Here's the email, maybe it's something you can do to?
Chained Dogs are Freezing! Send them a Valentine! 
This is the time of year we all cringe at the thoughts ofdogs left chained outside. Here in PA it will be 7 degrees tomorrow night. Whocan survive that?
One of the ways we take action in the winter months is ourHave a Heart for Chained Dogs campaign, running the week of February 7-14. Inthat campaign we pair up valentines (made by YOU or school children) withaddresses of chained dogs, and we mail them out all over the country.
Here's how you can help:
1. Make Valentines! We need about 15,000 of them...ask yourkid's teacher, make them at home or at scout meetings...or make them with yourfriends. To learn more, click the link.
2. Send addresses. That dog you pass everyday? Please stopand get his/her address. They deserve our voice because they have none of theirown, and by taking action you at least alleviate your stress of seeing them outthere.
3. Send coupons for dog food or treats. We mail them alongwith the valentines as a gesture of goodwill.
4. Donate to the campaign. 15,000 letters takes 15,000stamps! Plus 15,000 envelopes...and 15,000 address labels.
Please take action. The chained dogs are begging for yourhelp. Learn more by visiting: http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org/Valentines2011.html
That's a lot of valentines.  You may wonder if it will really help these dogs.  Well, even if just one dog out of every one hundred dogs is helped, thats 150 dogs who will have better living conditions.  It's a start and we have to start somewhere.  So I'm in.  I don't have the time to make valentines but I can make a few coupons for dog treats and send a small donation. It may not seem like much but a lot of little somethings can add up to something really big!  Maybe you can do a little something?

Meanwhile, it's Saturday and Kirby wants to do the Blog Hop.  It's a fun way to visit old friends and make new friends.  There's always fun and interesting posts to read.  So trot along with us...