Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

Do dogs go to heaven?  It's a universal question that never has an answer.  We just won't know until we get there.

Dogs don't have souls.  The Bible clearly states only humans have souls.  So what about this amazing capacity a dog has to love, this loyalty that some show with their last breath.  I think about Hachi, an akita who loved his master so much that he waited over nine years for his return, never wavering from that one hope.  Then there is Greyfriar's Bobby, a skye terrier who every day traveled the distance to his master's grave only to return again each following day until his own death fourteen years later. There are many more stories of loyalty shown by a dog to it's owner.

So I ask the question and I ponder the answer that never comes.  I do know God in his great wisdom has a plan for each of us humans.  Why wouldn't He have a plan for these amazing creatures?  The dog who protects a police officer in the line of duty.  The dog that comforts a lonely person in need of compassion.  The dog who gives an old person a reason to get up every morning.  The dog that tends to a child's tears.  The dog that simply showers love on its' human family members.

Could these creatures be angels wrapped in fur here to teach us what selfless love truly is?  When I look into their eyes, if I'm not seeing a soul, then what is it I see?  I see love and compassion.  I see loyalty and devotion.  I see an eagerness to please.  Is this not what God wants to see when He looks into our eyes?  We teach our dogs manners and tricks.  How much more they teach us!

Billy Graham, one of the greatest Evangelists of all times, stated, "God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he'll be there."  I choose to think Mr. Graham knew what he was talking about!

I'll end this with a poem I found.  I hope you enjoy it and ponder the possibility.

When God had made the earth and sky,

The flowers and the trees.

He then made all the animals,

The fish, the birds and the bees.


And when at last He had finished,

Not one was quite the same.

He said, "I'll walk this world of mine,

And give each one a name."


And so he traveled far and wide

And everywhere He went,

A little creature followed him

Until it's strength was spent.


When all were named upon the earth

And in the sky and sea,

The little creature said, "Dear Lord,

There's not one left for me."


Kindly the Father said to him,

"I've left you to the end.

I've turned my own name back to front

And called you dog, my friend.