Kirby Barks About Happy


My mama is always talking about me and writing about me like I’m something special.  Well actually I am something special.  But this time I want to do the barking myself just because I want to. I have lots to bark about cos I know lots of stuff.

Like how mama thinks I have to have a bath every week.  I really don’t mind cept when she washes my face cos she says a clean puppy is a happy dog.  I must be happy cos I’m clean!  Besides I always get a treat afterwards and I get to to do zoomies on her bed and the couch getting them all wet.  She says stop it but I can tell she’s laughing so a bath must make her happy.

Like the clothes I gotta wear when it gets cold outside.  Don’t tell my furiends but I really like them cos I don’t like the shivers I get especially when I go outside.  I have the best red coat with a hood!  But the boots!  She puts them on and I try so hard to take them off when she's not looking.  She laughs sayin I look adorkable, huh?, but I know my fureinds think I look like a dork trying to walk in those things.  It would sure be ok with me if those boots didn’t make her happy.

Like all those tricks she keeps teaching me.  All dogs are smart, just some want their pawrents to think they aren’t so they don’t have to do them.  Me, I like doing them cos it makes my mama happy.  I get good treats too.  I just don’t give it a whole lot of time.  Fifteen minutes is long enough!  We've been doing this rally training thing she just loves.  We gotta walk up to a sign where she tells me to do something. Okay its easy so I’ll do it for her but jeez it is kinda stupid cos we aren’t going anywhere but round the same room. But like I said - it makes her happy.

Like how we have the same routine most every day.  It's fun when it changes but mostly its the same.  We wake up in the morning, sometimes I have to wait for her to wake up, and we cuddle and she talks to me before taking me outside to do my business. Then at bedtime we always play on the bed for a little while before she turns off the light.  She can’t ever decide which toy she wants to play with cos she keeps telling me to go get another one.  I get tired sometimes jumping off the bed and then running up those steps.  But it's lots of fun and it makes her happy.

Like how she takes me riding in the car all the time.  Long trips and short trips.  I have my very own car seat too.  I jump right in the car and right into my seat.  She thinks I'm such a good boy but this makes me very happy so I let her think it makes her happy.

Like all my toys and those treats she bakes specially for me.  I have to learn to share now cos she keeps bringing home these other dogs who stay with us for a while.  The cats don’t really play good so this part is kinda fun.  I get a dog to play with and I get just as many treats as them but they keep getting my favorite toys like my sheepy and my bungie dog!  I keep telling them their mine but mama just laughs and tells me to share.   I'm not sure why that makes her happy!  

Like when mama is having a bad day.  Mostly she’s happy but sometimes I can tell she’s a little sad.  I don’t know why cos she’s got me to make her happy.  I just cuddle close and kiss her some till she smiles again.  I already know that when mama is happy everyone is happy.  

I’m just a little dog who loves his mama the bestest I can.  She feeds me good stuff and plays with me and really does try her very best to make sure I’m happy.  I am a happy dog!  I got a good life and I know it.  I bet that makes her happy!

This was fun.  Maybe I'll bark bout something again!