Dorkie Moment #1


I may be a little bit biased but as far as I am concerned Kirby is the best little dog bar none!  I could go on and on about his intelligence and many talents.  He does, however, have his dorky moments.

One has to be that he must have privacy in order to poop.  I find this hilariously funny.  I mean, he is a DOG and dogs poop anytime, anywhere.  Being the good petparent I am, I always carry his poop bags whenever we go somewhere.  Heaven forbid someone should happen to step in my dog's poop!  It turns out I rarely need them.  In fact that little blue bone container (how cute is that?) may never need a refill.

It all started when he was a puppy being house trained to go outside.  Every time I took him outside, I would say "go potty" or "go poop".  The moment he did as requested I would clap my hands and say "good potty" or "good poop".  

Then came the afternoon Kirby decided pooping was a private matter.  We were in the backyard when I saw him in the poop position.  I clapped my hands and said "good poop". Immediately he stopped, went behind a small hydrangea bush, and proceeded to poop.  I could actually see him watching me through the leaves!

He can wait to go for 8 to 9 hours but one day this past summer we were at the lake and he simply had to go.  Lots of grass everywhere but he only cried and pulled on his leash until he was taken a short distance to some nearby trees.  There I was holding the end of his leash while he went around to the other side of a large tree to do his business.

To this day he will not poop in the open public for all to see!  He also prefers that I never praise him when he must perform this task in his own yard. If it’s raining or really cold and windy I take him to the side yard so I can stay under the carport so there isn’t anything he can hide behind. It tickles me that he seems to appreciate my not noticing what he is doing.  Whenever he gets in his poop position I pretend to be busy with something even though from the corner of my eye I can see him watching me the entire time. 

Years ago I had a cat that I tried to train to use the toilet.  It never workedbut Kirby is pretty dang smart so I'm thinking maybe he could learn that trick? But then he would have to learn to flush the toilet and put the lid down.  Mmm, something to think about.

Yup, I can hear me now, "So what if your dog can catch a flying frisbee four feet in the air, my dog can poop in the toilet!"

Just a dorky moment in a Dorkie’s life...