Kirby's 2nd Barkday

January 9, 2011 marked Kirby's second birthday.  Time has really gone by quickly.  Kirby and I have grown and learned so much together over the past two years.  Not to mention, a 2 year old dog is a teenager in human years.

I was making plans for his birthday and had considered having a puppy party.  I changed my mind after watching a puppy party on It's Me Or The Dog.  Lots of dogs pooping and peeing just didn't seem like a whole lot of fun.  So I decided we would have a sweet little family party.  I would bake a little puppy cake and we would have presents.  Afterwards we would take him to the dog park which would be a treat because we hadn't been in a while.

Well as the saying goes...plans are made to be broken!  A winter storm decided to roll into town.  We ended up staying at Doug's apartment in case the electricity went out since he has a generator. 

I'm modeling my new barkday sweater...see the paw prints!

Instead of the puppy cake, Kirby happily ate hamburger, sausage, and bacon throughout the weekend.  Instead of the dog park, Kirby joyfully frolicked in a winter wonderland.  I do believe that if Kirby could talk he would say he had the best barkday ever!

My presents - a lamb ear, a pizzle, and a bully stick

Sniff, sniff....I've never had these before!

We play a game where I place three or four chews and treats in a row on the floor.  He sniffs each one until he chooses the one he wants which he then grabs and runs with.  The remaining ones go back in the bag for another time.  Here's a video of him doing just that with his new birthday chews.  Enjoy.  


I thank God every day for sending me this little angel wrapped in fur.