And Kirby's First FaceBook Contest Winner Is....

Kirby's First FaceBook Contest began January 1st and ended last night at midnight so we could pick the winner on January 9th - Kirby's birthday!

We had a total of eleven contestants.  That may not seem like a lot but I think it's pretty good for our very first contest.  I was surprised how excited I got every time someone entered!  It was fun!  The main objective for this was to thank Kirby's fans and maybe get a few more which we did.  His fan base went from 163 to 171.  That's eight new friends!  We want our fan base to grow organically so we have people who truly love dogs in general and Kirby in particular.

It was fun seeing all the pictures of furry babies and learning a little about each one.  It was also interesting to see which blog posts people preferred.  Big dogs, little dogs, and even a few dorkies in the mix!

I wanted to keep this contest very simple so each time someone entered I wrote their name on a piece of paper, folded it up, and placed it in a glass jar.  I've seen other contests where Randomizer was used to pick a random winner but since this is all about Kirby I wanted him to pick the winner which turned out to be easier said than done.  Why did I think this would be easy?  Because every week I place three or four different chews on the floor from which he has to pick one.  He sniffs each one then grabs his choice and runs to the living room with his prize.

We tried a few times with no success.  All he had to do was pick up one of the folded papers.  Easy?  Not so much!  He just wasn't interested so then we actually rubbed meat on each piece of paper, placed them back in the jar, and tried again, and again.  Bribery and still no luck!  We finally deduced he was much too interested in the food Doug was cooking on the stove so we decided to let him eat and then try again.

A little later and Kirby had eaten while the pieces of papers marinated in the glass jar.  So we tried again.  I'm sure he thought we were insane.  Why would he want to eat paper when he had just eaten hamburg?  Doug video taped while I handled the jar dumping the pieces of paper on the floor.  Third time was a charm!  Finally, and I do mean finally, Kirby touched a piece of paper and we were able to declare our winner:


Notice the meat stain on the bottom left!!

I do love all dogs but I did think it was pretty cool that Kirby picked a dorkie!  We will be mailing the book, A Dog's Purpose, to Debbie this week!  It's a great story so enjoy!  If you haven't read this book, buy it today!  I couldn't put it down!

Again, thank you to all of Kirby's FaceBook fans and especially the contestants who took the time to enter Kirby's First FaceBook Contest!!  Congratulations Debbie (and Charlie too)!!!