A Doggie Winter Wonderland

The great winter storm hit Mississippi on Sunday, January 9, 2011.  Brrr, it was very cold.  The snow started falling Sunday afternoon.
By Monday morning we had two inches of snow.  A winter wonderland that stopped the world!  Ok, so maybe not the world.  Most of the businesses remained closed for the day due to the icy roads.  We had a snow day!  Master Kirby's reaction?  He loved it!  He chose to spend more time outside than inside.  We were the grinches who would make him come in to dry off and warm up.  His legs and belly would get wet quickly and his feet felt like ice but that didn't seem to slow him down one bit.  Mama was the one who worried about hypothermia.

Doug seemed to think Kirby could pick up scents better in the snow.  We were at Doug's apartment in the country where there are numerous animals around.  Deer, rabbits, raccoons, probably coyotes.  We watched Kirby urgently follow a few deer prints in the snow as if he had truly picked up their scent.  Throughout the day we would watch him scampering here and there with his nose to the ground.  He was very intense on these various sniffing ventures.  We'll never know if he was really picking up scents of animals or was somewhat bewildered by all the unusual white stuff that covered everything.

As I write this the sun has set and the snow has slowly begun to melt.  I expect most of it to be gone by tomorrow afternoon.  Kirby is asleep next to me, all warm and cozy.  It was a good day.  The snow was beautiful.  However, I am a summer girl so you won't hear me complaining as the days slowly get warmer down here in Mississippi.

I have pictures of Kirby's experience with his very first winter snow when he was only a few months old.  He much preferred to stay indoors.  Two years later I have more snow pictures.  I can say he immensely enjoyed it this time.